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Friday, January 21, 2011

Warnings, Warnings & More Warnings

As our office continues to make the transition to Revit some of our projects can end up with some very lengthy warnings logs.  At first most users are unsure what the problem is or even where to begin to fix it.  I have even read lots of posts about warnings being unavoidable.  I personally believe this to not be true.  If you really want to learn Revit fast, fix ALL the warnings in all of your past projects.  I will warn you though that this will take you a great deal of time.  But you will learn very quickly what and what not to do.  Most warnings should be pretty simple to fix, others not so much. 
Sometimes just finding the problem can be tricky.  If clicking "show" in the warnings dialog box, says that it could not find a view,  I recommend writing down the object id number, switch to a 3d view and then wireframe mode.  Then under the manage tab, inquiry panel, click "select by id". Enter the id number from before and then it should highlight within the model.  Once you know where the actual problem is, you can then navigate to the appropriate view to adjust the object accordingly.

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