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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Duplicating Views

Options for Duplicating View

Creates a view that is a copy of the primary view.  A duplicate view displays model elements but not annotation elements from the original view.
Duplicate with Detailing
Create a view that inherits all details of the primary view.  A duplicate with detailing view displays both model and annotation elements from the original view.
Duplicate as a Dependent
Creates a view that inherits view properties and view-specific elements from the primary view.  In a dependent view, you should only show a specific area of the view.  You can insert Matchlines to indicate where the view is split, and view references to link views.  This option helps to create views that show portions of a plan when the entire plan is too large to fit on a drawing sheet.

 Chart copied from "Learning Revit Architecture 2010"
Creating separate views (Duplicate or Duplicate with Detailing) for a different area of a view is not recommended.  Please use the Duplicate as a Dependent for all views that will be broken out with match lines.
General naming conventions are:
                FIRST FLOOR PLAN
                                FIRST FLOOR PLAN - AREA A
                                FIRST FLOOR PLAN - AREA B
                                FIRST FLOOR PLAN - AREA C

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