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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Display Issues

Display Issues
It seems to never fail that in every project there is something that is not showing properly.  I have created a checklist for users to follow.  It simply lists every spot you should check in order to get your object to show.  Some are more obvious than others, but should at least get you in the right spot.  I’m sure there are other hiding spots and if you know of any please let me know.  There is also a pdf file for download in my Content area on the left.
Visibility Check List
  Visibility/Graphics Overrides – VG (is it turned off or overridden)  Reveal hidden Elements – Light Bulb  Hidden by Element  Hidden by Category  Outside the view range  Outside the view range – Plan regions  Filter  Far Clip Offset – or view depth  Override Graphics in View – By Element  Painted Surface  Line weights overridden  Wrong workset  Workset turned off  Detail Level (Course, Medium or Fine)  Cropped View  Masking or filled region   Covered with another model object (Check with Hidden Line)  Has it been deleted

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  1. For those who read French, here is a good explanation of BIM - IFC : http://www.rhino4you.com/1/bim_ifc_maquette_3d_383350.html, and what the French call the digital model/sketchup/mockup (maquette numérique).