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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working with Consultants Revit Files

Step 1.  Open their files with the "detach from central" option checked.
Step 2.  File save as and place the file in the consultants folder on the project server.
Step 3.  Close out of everything
Step 4.  I recommend creating an additional workset and setting it to not visible in every view.
Step 5.  Open your Revit project and select "Link Revit" under the "Insert Tab"
Step 6.   Select the Revit file to be linked in.
Additional Notes:
1.       If shared coordinates is being used, be sure to select Auto - By Shared Coordinates.  Otherwise I recommend Manual - Base Point.  Manual - Base Point will require one additional step to actually place the model.
2.       If you only need to load specific worksets from the linked model, select the down arrow to the right of the Open button.  And then specify which worksets should be loaded. 
3.       Be sure to insert the link on the proper workset.  If you get a warning about it not being visible, be sure to check your VG settings and turn on that workset. 
4.       Keep in mind that you if want to see the consultant's model in any other view; you will have to turn on that workset within your current view.
5.       Warning!  Setting up the consultant's model as a central file on your server will allow users the ability to access/change things in that model.  I recommend NEVER syncing and always relinquish when you close out.  This is only in regards to the consultant's model and should not be confused with the model being linked into the Architectural model.  The linked model inside the architectural model cannot be changed. 

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